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Oil Flushing System LF

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The majority of hydraulic failures and component damage can be traced back directly to suboptimal oil quality.



The majority of hydraulic failures and component damage can be traced back directly to suboptimal oil quality. If not properly flushed out, oil contaminants such as water, rust, weld slag, loose scale and other debris can cause unnecessary equipment breakdowns due to increased wear and tear. This can result in critical maintenance issues and lost production time.

Flushing can be done on new or used systems using purpose-built rigs to achieve required fluid velocity and filter units incorporating high beta ratio filters to provide efficient and rapid contamination removal.

LF series apply to oil flush cycle of turbine oil system(above 200300MW unit), oil purification of minor unit system. After a new installation or finished overhaul for oil system of variety of equipment, especially large equipment, which can flush cycle to completely clear the debris within the system, ensure equipment work safety.


Operational Principle

The device consists of large-flow pumps, flow-control valves, filtration systems, heaters, instrumentation, electrical control cabinets, sampling valves and other components. While operation, the temporary pipelines respectively connect the entry and exit of machine to oil system tank and inlet header, and it is form a temporary loop system. High-flow pump pumps oil from the bottom of tank, flowing through the flow control valve, fine filter, high-precision filter, and heater then goes into the oil system. The oil is cycling with a large flow rate, the fluid in the header flows up to 3m/s or more (the flow rate is 3 to 4 times of normal operation), using high flow rate to impact the dirt attached on the pipe wall. Filtering by filtration, the machine continuously filters the oil while flushing. The oil goes into the pip can meet the operation standard. By using heaters and stirring by pumps to rise the oil temperature (≤ 70 ). The oil system equips oil cooler which is run to lower the temperature after stopping heating2030, in order to achieve variable-temperature flushing,  and flushing effect increases. In addition, when the oil temperature reaches 55  ~ 70 , start the exhaust fan in the oil system. With a large flow of stirring up, the water content can be removed rapidly.

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